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Adelphi Meth Lab Bust

Adelphi Meth Lab Bust

Ross County Sheriff George Lavender reports that at about 6pm, his deputies and members of the US 23 Task Force served an arrest warrant at 19433 Chestnut Street. 

They found 35-year-old David Blakely at the rear of the residence, who had a warrant form the Chillicothe Municipal Court.  He was also found in possession of marijuana, and was arrested. 

Deputies found 31-year-old Trina Rossiter hiding under the Adelphi building, who was also arrested on a warrant form the Chillicothe Municipal Court. 

Deputies found evidence of the manufacture of methamphetamines inside.  With a search warrant, evidence was collected for testing. 

Blakely and Rossiter were jailed pending their arraignments. 


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